Monday of the Minds on June 12th!


Monday Of The Minds is back on June 12th!

Performing Acts

Height Keech
Height Keech is a rapper/ talk singer from Baltimore, Maryland. Height albums have been constantly changing since his self-titled debut was released in 2000. Bed Of Seeds is guitar-based garage rap. Height With Friends Versus Dynamic Sounds retraces the steps of The Cold Crush Brothers and The Fantastic Five. His current Unending Blaze EP merges minimal raps with post-punk beats. The Height catalog is ever-changing, but is intended to stand as one body of work.

His music has been released on labels like Friends, Wham City and Illuminated Paths, as well as his own label, Cold Rhymes. He has collaborated with Wye Oak, Tobacco, Cex and CX Kidtronik. Height Keech is one third of Shark Tank, his with Grand Buffet’s Lord Grunge and B-Rich.

Height Keech has been on a perpetual tour for 16 years, crossing the country countless times and journeying out to faraway places like Paris, Romania and Moscow. Most of his tours are DIY affairs that touch down in houses, punk spaces and small clubs. He has done national tours with Dan Deacon and Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, and also joined Future Islands, Beach House and Jana Hunter on the Baltimore Round Robin Tour.

Height’s new album, Mind Moves The Mountain, was released on April 25th.

After 14 years of scene-building in Portland,Maine as an mc and banner-guard for Milled Pavement Records, 8 years of touring throughout 5 countries (most recently France, Germany, and Switzerland (January ’15) with Milled Pavement’s Monsieur Sai+Arth? and FakeFour Inc’s DJ Halo), over 800 performances, 2 critically acclaimed albums, 3 mixtapes, 4 EPs, 3 7″ singles, countless featured appearances, and performing live with a venerable who’s-who of independent hip-hop, BRZOWSKI is throwing down the gauntlet with all the desperation of a man on the edge.

The Portland, ME by-way-of Providence,RI emcee kicked around the Massachusetts and Rhode Island music scenes in varying projects since 1993, before taking a permanent vacation to the northeast tundra, where long winters and unsuspecting audiences could better nurture his creative spirits…and personal demons. Cutting his teeth with demo-CDRs and booking small rooms around New England all the while completing his BFA at the Maine College of Art (Painting, Art History Minor, ’03). Promptly after completing his short stint in academia, BRZOWSKI joined forces with producer/technophile-at-large AGENT8 in the capacity as producer and engineer (coupled with a revolving cast of disc-jockeys in the studio and on stage, a list which has grown to include Boston’s EMOH BETTA, Oakland’s DJ HALO, Portland/Chicago staple DJ SHADE), he has spent a decade steadily amassing a sizable groundswell of indie hip-hop true believers who clamor for something more artfully substantial than the narrow mainstream of “hip-hop” can spoon-feed them. Armed with wry wit, black humor, brutally honest autobiography, and an intense live performance that can rival the best in the business, BRZOWSKI has earned the respect of fans, artists, and critics alike spanning the last decade.

HUMAN Speakers
Human Speakers consists of Seth On Gray Street, Eyenine and DJ Myth on the turntables. They hail from New Hampshire and are veterans of the New England Hip Hop Scene.

Sam Jacobsen
Sam Jacobsen is a new artist in the Portland, Maine area and is hungry to cut his teeth as the opener for the nights entertainment. Jacobson comes from the Boston, Massachusetts region and is excited to be a part of Monday of the Minds.

Open Mic Sign up at 9 PM
Artists May Perform Two Songs

Free Show
21 + Valid ID Required
117 Spring Street Portland Maine
Hosted By Rizing In Life Entertainment

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